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Academic environments are highly competitive, with schools competing for a finite pool of students. Classroom spaces, athletic and performing arts centers, and residence hall amenities matter, and influence student choice. As a university and school construction management company in Massachusetts, BW Kennedy & Co. has built these disparate program areas, partnering with academic clients to provide solutions that achieve program goals with the best value, at the best cost. From fast-track summer construction to traditional construction, we have the requisite expertise to plan and execute to a client's exacting standards.

Middlesex School Mary Mae Faculty

Middlesex School Facility Housing

Location: Concord, MA

Middlesex School engaged BW Kennedy & Co. to help them find a modular solution for construction of the Mary Mae Faculty Housing complex, consisting of five new homes. The desired site presented complications as it contained multiple soil classifications which had to be managed differently according to their classification. Phased construction was used to address site issues while maintaining the school’s goal of having occupancy of the new homes by the start of the academic year. BW Kennedy & Co. coordinated closely with the modular home builder so that the site work, foundations, and mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection work transitioned seamlessly for the school.

Middlesex School Mary Mae Faculty 1
Middlesex School Mary Mae Faculty 2
Middlesex School Mary Mae Faculty 3
Middlesex School Mary Mae Faculty 4
Phillips Academy Hall

Phillips Academy George Washington

Location: Andover, MA
Architect: Benjamin Nickerson

Phillips Academy enlisted BW Kennedy early in the process to plan for renovation of their 2,500 square foot counseling center, located in a historic building. BW Kennedy used their own architect and worked closely with the school to program and design the space to meet departmental needs. The work included complete demolition of the existing space and construction of new. All this work took place in a fully occupied building over the school’s summer break.

Phillips Academy Hall 1
Phillips Academy Hall 2
Phillips Academy Hall 3
Phillips Academy Hall 4
Phillips Academy Hall 5
Phillips Academy Hall 6
Middlesex School

Middlesex School Barn Conversion

Location: Concord, MA
Architect: Benjamin Nickerson

The project consisted of the conversion of a historic barn to house the school’s Facilities Department offices. Middlesex School enlisted BW Kennedy early in planning process to program and design the space to meet Facilities Dept. needs. The project included total renovation, selective demolition, significant wood framing to structure, new windows, siding, roofing, all interior finishes. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection were completed Design/Build by the BW Kennedy team. As part of the project, we also built a new, separate 3,000 square foot building to house the Facilities Department personnel.

Middlesex School Barn 1
Middlesex School Barn 2
Middlesex School Barn 3
Middlesex School Barn 4
Middlesex School Barn 5
Middlesex School Barn 6
Middlesex School Barn 7
Middlesex School Barn 8
Phillips Academy Locker

Phillips Academy Boys Locker Room

Location: Andover, MA

Phillips Academy engaged BW Kennedy to work with their athletic department and architect to design new locker room space. BW Kennedy had to early release locker and HVAC packages to meet the school’s occupancy deadline. The refit of the existing 7,500 square foot boy’s locker room included new HVAC systems, lockers, and flooring. It was completed over their summer break with an accelerated, and partially phased, schedule to accommodate the school’s summer camp.

Phillips Academy Locker 1
Phillips Academy Locker 2
Phillips Academy Locker 3
Phillips Academy Locker 4
Phillips Academy Locker 5
Phillips Academy Locker 6
Middlesex School Locker

Middlesex School Locker Room Upgrade

Location: Locker Room Renovation, Concord, MA

The renovation and upgrade of Middlesex School’s locker room facilities included all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems, with work performed Design/Build by the BW Kennedy & Co. team.

Middlesex School Locker 1
Middlesex School Locker 2
Middlesex School Locker 3
Middlesex School Locker 4
Middlesex School Locker 5
Middlesex School Locker 6
Middlesex School Locker 7
Phillips Academy

Phillips Academy Whitney House Renovation

Location: Andover, MA

BW Kennedy & Co. managed the addition of fire protection systems to the Stowe House and Whitney House dormitories. The project included adding new fire alarm systems to both buildings. We had to enclose existing sprinkler lines in soffits and match the existing moldings. This was especially difficult in Stowe House, which is a historical building.

Phillips Academy

Phillips Academy Stowe House Renovation

Location: Andover, MA

Phillips Academy entrusted BW Kennedy & Co. to renovate and restore the historic Harriet Beecher Stowe House. The project consisted of installing all new life safety upgrades, including fire alarm and fire protection. Special attention was made to the new soffits and moldings to accommodate the fire protection systems, while maintaining the appearance of the historic building.

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